recording a live mix from turntables, via. new sound card ca

hi, newbie problem but have struggled for several hours attempting to configure cubase to my requirements and need help!

I’m running cubase 7.5 on mac and have recently bought a focus rite scarlett 2i2 sound card . The main reason for this purchase was to wire my turntables into cubase to record a live mix. The sound card is running fine with the mac in general via. safari and can hear my decks coming through but i can’t configure the routing, buses and outputs to how i want.

I have the left output from my dj mixer into channel 1 and the right output into channel 2. Ideally in my head (correct me if I’m wrong) but id like channel one to be playing live into one audio track and channel 2 to be playing live into another. Then both of which to be routed to stereo out creating a stereo mix and being able to add inserts such as a limiter to the master stereo out. Then to hit record and lay down a mix.

In my head this makes perfect sense but I can’t seem to configure it to my requirements after many hours of reading other discussions and youtube videos Ive resorted to seeking advice.

Please do say if I’m theres an easier way to approach this. Thanks guys I look forward to solving this problem :slight_smile:

A thought…

Does the 2i2 buses even show up in CB’s Devices>VST Connections? If not, you need to assign the ASIO driver for that sound card in CB’s Device Setup>VST Audio System?

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Yes everything is showing up via. VST audio system and VST connections.

When recording there is no signal from the master out until playback. I set up an audio track and it records into that, but the input to the sound card is via. 2 inputs L and R, shouldn’t this require an audio track for each then mixed down together as one to create a stereo mix? Im struggling to get them routed to as i mentioned above?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I don’t have a 2i2 but here is one way to set this up. There may be different ways to do it but this is how I know how to do it…

If the 2i2 has a stereo out then you would set that as a stereo input buss in the CB VST connections. Set that buss as an input to a stereo audio track in CB. Output of that audio track would be to CBs master stereo out. Done, easy.

Now not so easy…
If the 2i2 does not have an assignable stereo out then you need to set up (2) mono buses in the CB VST connections. (1) for the L and (1) for the R. In CB you would assign the L mono buss as an input to a stereo audio track and the R mono buss as an input to another stereo audio track. Output of these (2) tracks would be to your master stereo out. To mix it properly you need to pan each track full L and R or to whatever pan mix you want. If you want, you would then export the mixed stereo track and import it back into CB as a stereo audio track.

Again, this should work but I am sure there are other ways to do it (maybe easier?).

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