Recording a midi track from another midi track

I see some similar questions, but no real answer.
I have a midi track with a bit too much notes on it. I like playing with the mute/unmute button to skip some notes. I would like to record this action on another midi track, to have something with less notes. I tried to put the original track as the midi in to the new track, but it doesn’t work. If someone have a solution…
Cubase 11 (Artist)

You would need a virtual midi port, such as LoopMidi. You can then set the output of the original track to it, and the input of the track you are recording to to it.

Thank you. I saw this kind of solutions. But I wonder why it is not included in Cubase, it’s seems to be, because you can send one midi track to another, but nothing happens. I will check this plugin, but I guess I will go with muting some notes… Anyway it seems to be for Windows.

Try this: Merging MIDI Events into a New Part