Recording a mono input and making it sound better. How to do it .

i had an issue trying to pan a mono source because my input was set to Left on a stereo field. Panning this to the right just cut the sound completely.
I fixed that by recording mono… but i found the sound to be a little pristine… i wanted more presence and a bit more separation…
i did this and it spread out the sound a little and made it more pleasing to the ear…
(i couldn’t find this trolling the forum here, but if it is in a lot of places,… please delete this post).

  1. Create a track with
    Right Stereo In
    Left - Stereo Out

  2. Record the track and duplicate it.

  3. Set the duplicate track to
    Right - Stereo In
    Right - Stereo Out

  4. Select one of the tracks and nudge it a bit (i find about 1/32 a good balance)

Your resulting sound will have a little more width…

What you’re describing is know as the HAAS effect.

If you only had left audio on Stereo of course panning the channel right would be no sound… Standard panning on stereo simply turns the left up & down and the right up & down, nothing is fed to the other. However, if you used a different style of panning, that puts the left audio into the right channel or vise versa.

You could also use the Stereo Flip (it has a few choices) in in the audio options and a stereo delay.

Or, simply pan your duplicated mono tracks and nudge 1 however many MS. Pitching 1 up a fine tune and the other down a fine tune also helps.

Thank you very much for your informative reply !!!
Very useful !!!

The only correct way to do it is to double track. This means you will record your mono source twice with 2 different takes and then hard pan them left and right.