Recording A Skype Conversation

I will have a interview show on KBJB Radio (Original Artist Spotlight). Local artists can come to my studio and we can record direct to Cubase. Unfortunately, most of my interviews will be either over the phone or through Skype. I have absolutely no clue how to record the incoming conversation directly to cubase. I was hoping to have two channels. One for me and one for the interviewee. Anyone ever done this before or have any ideas?


There’s a skype recording software package which might be perfect for your needs. I’ve not looked it beyond what’s offered on the website.

You may need to set-up a mix minus for this, see this link:
How to Setup a Mix Minus for Recording Skype How to Setup a Mix Minus for Recording Skype – The Podcasters' Studio

Basically, you’ll want split tracks with the studio on one track and the caller/guest on a second track, music and inserts can be on a third track. then you’d render those down to a final mix for distribution. I don’t know the MR816x interface so can’t really help there, but perhaps you can route the Skype audio to one track and then the studio mic is routed to its own track. Then you can Mute the sections of the Skype audio with the studio voice/sounds and use the studio track(s).

I’m not sure this is a task Cubase is best suited for. While Cubase certainly could record a full length program, there may be better solutions for this particular need. I’m not sure. Perhaps one of the above packages would let you record elements via Skype and then import tracks into Cubase for the editing, mixing and distribution. Good luck.

I have a Skype recording program. It works, but not as well as it would if recorded directly to Cubase. I’ll continue to experiment. Thanks. Buck

I think that if you record directly into Cubase the sound quality and editing/mixing will be easier and probably sound better, but I think the Mix Minus set-up will be a big part of getting the best final results. Do you have board of some kind or are you just using the interface?

I’m mixing through the Cubase interface (no mixing board). My game plan was two channels, each in mono. Recording my part of the interview is no problem, but I can not seem to get Skyoe to register sound in Cubase. I was hoping to find someone that has done this before. Buck

Hi Buck,

Now I get it. I think you’d need either two computers or a smart phone for this, One machine for Cubase recording, one device or machine for the Skype interview guest. Then, simply send Skype computer’s audio output into the Cubase DAW Computer’s input and record both tracks. It will be an analogue input into Cubase but it should be adequate for an interview.

I don’t know of any way to run both Skype and Cubase on a single machine. But with smart phone or computer for skype and Cubase for recording, it should be pretty easy to do it. Good luck.

For Mac-Users there are two solutions from Rogue Amoeba , AudioHiJack and/or Loopback. Maybe one works for you.

If you go to Tools / Options / Audio in Skype you can set your input and output to the same USB driver you are using in Cubase (ASIO4ALL) and that should enable recording and playback of a Skype call. I think.

Or just output skype to the build in audio and run a cable to the audio interface used by Cubase.