Recording a software synth audio live

Hi there,

I have elements 7, and want to record the output of my software synth as audio live, rather than with the export function. I cannot figure out how to do this, since any audio track I create will only allow an input from Stereo In. There was another post on this topic that suggested I create a group track and route my VST synth to it (which is possible) and then set the input of the audio track to the output of the group, which does not seem to be possible. Similarly, the post also suggested to create a new output bus (again possible), which is set to not connected, and then use that as the input to the audio track - but that doesn’t seem to be allowed either.

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome,

You are right, this function is restricted in Cubase Elements. You cannot choose an Output Bus (of another Track/Channel) as an Input Bus in Cubase Elements.

But I would say, an export is faster (not in real-time, as this recording is) anyway.

Thanks very much for the clarification! Export is tidier (and faster), but if your synth patch has random elements and you want to capture a specific “take”, then you’d want to record live. Not a problem though, I can always upgrade. Thanks again.

Depending on your audio interface, you could ofcourse route the audio signal out and back in and then record real time.