recording a stereo track in mono

In my vocal tracks, I am using doubler plug-ins which spread modified copies of the original vocal signal in time (delay) and panorama, but the panorama spread only works if the audio track is a stereo track.

Of course I can use stereo tracks, but then I waste disk space because I record mono signals in stereo.

Is there a way where I can use a stereo track to allow the panorama spread of the plug-ins and yet record the incoming signal in mono?

regards, Mikael

  1. Record in mono…then create a stereo track and drag your mono audio on to it.

  2. Route to a stereo group and add the effect there.

Found the solution myself:

What I found out is that if a assign a mono Input channel to a Stereo track, smart Cubase creates a mono file, and only if I do assign a stereo inut channel, it records into a stereo file.

So, no issue after all…

Regards, Mikael