Recording a track

When I record on track 2 and listening to a drum on track 1, track 2 also records the drum track in the background.
Is it possible to switch it off. I only want to record a dry guitar signal.
I use the Irig with headphones for recording the guitar

If you need to listen to track 1 while recording, use external earphones.
Otherwise, mute track 1.

Thanks Uphys
I use an external headphone
When I mute track 1 I have no rhytm to accompany to stay in the groove
When I put the metronome on it also records (soft) together with the guitar

The irig guitar interface has a lot of cross talk because it is sharing the ipad’s headphone jack. Turn down the volume of the drum track to where you can still hear it but not enough to cause sound leakage. Or turn down the ipads volume a bit. this is the fault of the irig, not cubasis.

Better yet, invest in a better guitar interface, one that plugs into the 30 pin connector(ipad 1,2 & 3) or lightning connector(newer ipads).

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