Recording ADR for two or more characters at the same time

Hello ADR experts.

How can I record two or more people during the same run?

I would like to record a dynamic conversation between two actors.
However, the ADR panel onlly allows me to have a single marker track active, which then sends its subtitles to the video overlay. This means that only the dialogue of one character will show on screen, unless I activate each marker track on the fly.

The only solution I´ve figured out is:

  1. Activate free run mode
  2. Copy dialogue from 2 characters to a single marker track
  3. Disable “arm target track”.
  4. Arm track for each character
  5. Position the cursor and begin recording.

I have done hundreds of ADR sessions I have never recorded 2 actors at once. I’m guessing the actors probably want to be recorded one at a time as well. My 2 cents.

This is the 'French" way of dubbing. Although I clearly see the advantages from a performance-point-of-view, this recording technique is most often avoided. It is a nightmare for project-housekeeping (unless it is a movie with a limited amount of actors), a nightmare for mixers and a most definately no-go for international products.
But it is done. And done a lot. Mostly for budget reasons.

The only way to do this properly is using a “proper” Rythmo system.


Thanks guys,

Im just trying to cater the talent. But yes, it is waaay more complicated than going one by one.

Have you ever used the 4 cues? I see no use in having so many.

What do you mean by 4 cues?


Sorry Fredo, I meant the 4 Cue mixes in the ADR switcher board and control room.

Yes. We send separate signals to the talent’s headphone amp, so he/she can make the balance between M&E, Mic Signal, Guide and whatever to his/her linkings.
Or for example, when a second feed needs to be send over to Source Connect or Skype.


That’s interesting Fredo. Being from Canada our other official language is French and the Rythmo Band is used quite a bit in Montreal but I don’t know of any studio in Toronto that has it.