Recording all tracks to one audio track

I used to do this on cubasis 2 using Audiobus 2 by having Cubasis as the input and output . I’m now using Cubasis 3 Audiobus 2 does not exist any more . By using the same process with the latest version Audiobus this does not work .is the a different way to record all tracks to one audio track.

I think you can just use the mixdown function.

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Hi @def69dub,

This is easily possible via using the “Audio Mixdown” feature of Cubasis:

  1. Set the L and R locator to match the length of your project.
  2. Go to “Media/Mixdown” and tap the “Create Mixdown” list entry.
  3. Make sure only "Mixdown between locators is enabled and tap “Start Mixdown”.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for your reply . I have resolved this problem as a last resort I deleted Audiobus then downloaded it again and it worked . Mix down on this occasion would not have worked for me . I’m making a kind of dub reggae I needed to do a live mix using the effects and record it it to audio track.