recording all tracks

With cubase studio 5, sometimes when i record audio tracks, it records everything onto the track and sounds like crap. I have to shut down cubase and my cpu to get it to just record the audio that i want, and that is just what’s in the “line-in”. Does any one know what’s going on or have any suggestions?? I had a tascam us-428 and never had a problem. I just got the us-122mkII and now this happens once in a while…Please help me…

Need more info. OS, platform, processor, ram etc. As you mentioned, you were operating fine with the us-428 so your problem no doubt points to your new interface/sound card. Are you using the latest driver? Are you monitoring a clean sound? Are all your connecting cords sound?

ok, sorry took so long to get back…I’m running:
windows 7 64bit
4g’s of ram
AMD phenom II x 4 945 processor 3.00 GHz
Cubase Studio 5.5.3
yes i do have the latest software updates to all studio components.
I do have a clean monitor sound

Can you more accurately describe “sounds like crap?” Is it distorted, unclear, etc?
Have you checked you attenuation levels on the us122. Also, how’s your level input in CB?

it records everything when i try to record guitar through an audio track, so instead of just guitar it will have drums and everything else in the recording, i am trying to record direct. i run w7 64bit, 64bit cubase studio 5.5.3

Sounds like you have a recording channel routing problem. Your recording channel’s input should be routed only to the input channel that you have your guitar plugged in to. It sounds like you may have it routed to a main buss where all your mix is coming through. Either that or your us122 is not configured correctly in Cubase.

Are you sure you have the correct ASIO driver selected? What on-board soundcard came with your computer?