recording an instrument problems, HELP!

i keep trying to get my guitar that’s plugged into my tascam mii 144 to record on both the right and left in mono but it always only gets to one side! i’ve setup my vst’s so i have sterio in’s and out’s both analog and digital. i also have a mono bus too with a sterio out. no matter how i change the busses, it always records and plays back on one side! i can’t find anything that is helpfull in the manuals nor the forums. i need help on how to record and get the guitar etc to be on both the right and left at the same time and playback on both sides! can anyone help?

Create a mono input bus in VST Connections assigned to the R input of the Tascam.

Assign this input to an audio track.

Should work :confused: .

i have the vst’s set to mono in analog right {sterio - in right mono in- mono}. analog left out that says {sterio out - right mono out - mono] is that correct? how should i set the tascam? level way right, mono switched, which input on the tascam etc? i just want to be able to plug in an instrument to the tascam and hear it on both left and right in one track. 1 guitar, sound comming out of both left and right. am i missing something?

If you are plugging in directly to the Tascam you want to use the Right 1/4" input with the switch set to “guitar”.

The input/computer knob needs to be to the computer side to hear playback from Cubase.

That sounds correct for the input.

There’s the problem. You need a stereo out put bus assigned to the L & R analog outs of the Tascam.

In the track’s inspector area make sure you have the input set to your mono input bus (R analog in) and the out put set to stereo out (L & R analog outs).

The mono switch on the Tascam is only used if you are directly monitoring a mono input signal and want to hear it out of both sides. Leave it off.

Turn on the track’s monitor button to hear yourself while recording. Turn it off for playback.

thanks! i’ll try it. will this setup record on both left and right cause thats my problem? is the sterio l and r for monotoring or to record so the guitar’s on both sides? am i hearing it on one side cause of the vst’s or the tascam settings? more info would be apreciated!

for outs, theres sterio r/ mono out mono in one mono output then i’d have to make another mono out with the l/ mono out mono… is that what you mean or should i use a full sterio out bus?

You might be best off deleting all of your VST Connections and starting from scratch so you have a clear understanding.

The only output you need to set up is a single stereo out. This is assigned to the L & R analog outputs (and headphone out) of the Tascam and what you hear is coming from the Cubase master mixer bus. Remember to enable the “click” if you want to be able to hear the metronome.

Make sure the Tascam ASIO driver is selected and you are monitoring from the Tascam (headphones or RCA outs).

There are only three input busses you can assign …

Two mono inputs. One for the left analog input of the Tascam, one for the right.

One stereo input. If you aren’t planning on recording any stereo inputs I wouldn’t even worry about this one for now.

All you really need right now is the one mono input assigned to the right input of the Tascam.

Create a mono or stereo audio track, assign the mono in as the track input and the stereo out (routed directly to the master bus) as the track output.

Enable record and monitor for the track. Press record. Rock out with your bad self. Stop. Disable record and monitor for the track. Rewind. Play. Listen to yourself rock out with your bad self. Repeat.

thank you so much! i keep looking for this cuz i dont use it enough and forget lol! if only getting a decent signal (sm57 on speaker into tascam) and cut/ pasting techniques i’ll be all set lol!

Better late than never, I guess! :slight_smile:

Glad you got up and running.

ok… in the device setup, do i use the asio directx duplex driver or the tascam’s us-122 mkii / us-144 mkii? also in the vst system link asio input/ output (in the device setup) i assume should be set to tascam’s us-122 mkii / us-144 mkii right for the input asio and us-122 mkii / us-144 mkii left for the output asio? left or right for the asio input / output? thanks.