recording analog stereo signal.

Hi Folks. I am a total newbie here as well as to digital recording. I have the Steinberg UR22 mk II with the attached Cubase AI LE software. All set up and ready to go. What I want to do is use this to digitize my analog music library of cassettes etc. I have messed with it a bit. but Like I said a total newbie. Also in my 60โ€™s so give me some leeway here :laughing: . Can some one direct me to a link or explain the best way to do this. Thanks

Hi and welcome,

Connect your cassettes player line Out to the UR22 line In1 and 2. In Cubase open VST Connections > Inputs, and make sure, there is Stereo In Bus created. If not, select the โ€œStereoโ€ from the presets.

In the project add a Stereo Audio Track. Start recording in Cubase, and hit playback on your player.