Recording and Playback breaks/skips/pauses/hesitations

I’ve finally installed cubase ai5 to use with my Yamaha usb mixer. After getting everything set up, I’m having a problem with recording and playback. During either of them, I will get a random hesitation. Sometimes I can record the entire song with an instrument, but most of the time I cannot make it through one minute of a recording or playback. This hesitation happens with the metronome on or off, but it’s made more obvious when it occurs when the metronome is running. I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve tried to get a recording done even for just one instrument. Ugh!

I have 1G ram, 1 T hd, 3Ghz pc with two monitors.
Using ASIO4ALL with a latency of 10ms

Bit short on RAM!

Also try raising the latency a bit.

I apologize for the error. I have 2Gb of ram. I’m just so new at this and getting frustrated.

I’ve also tried the buffer at max (2048) with little to no improvement. I’m at my wits end.

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