Recording & Assigning CC values in Pro 3.5

Hi. Is there any way to record cc data in the automation lane or can it only be done manually with the drawing tool. If it can be recorded, how can I change incoming controller data in the automation lanes on the fly. I want to change from say, cc22 to cc1 but I can’t do it directly in my SubZero mini controller (it’s a bit buggy with Big Sur). I can do this easily in Cubase but can’t figure how in Dorico 3.5.
Thanks in advance for any help. Colin D

You should indeed be able to record CC data during real-time recording. It should be as simple as selecting the instrument to which you want to add the CC data, and then just twiddling the appropriate controls on your MIDI device during recording.

Hi. Thanks. I’ve tried various ways of trying to record cc data directly into the controller lane but no joy so far. I’m actually trying to record it over the aleady input notes, i.e., playing what I’ve written and recording the cc data as its playing. Maybe this is not possibe at the moment? Colin

I know I have recorded in real time cc 11, 1 and 21 on a Puccini quartet in order to test a library (Spitfire solo quartet) and a three fader cc controler, and it worked flawlessly, exactly as Daniel described. So something must be wrong in your setup…
Ps: notes were already entered (step-time entry) and those repeated recordings didn’t change the notes nor the score, only the ccs for each instrument on each pass.

Hi. Thanks for your reply. My setup is pretty basic - iMac, Dorico Pro 3.5, Cubase Pro 11 & whatever contollers I have to hand). This particular tune I’m working on is for solo violin & cello - I’m using cinesamples Tina Guo Cello & Taylor Davis violin (I have VSL Solo Strings full version but thought I’d try TG & TD). I’ve written out part of the violin melody using note input in Dorico 3.5 and I’m now trying to record cc1 modulation data into its controller lane as the tune is playing. I’m using a SubZero minicontroller but can’t directly assign one of its knobs to cc1 (it’s currently assigned to a button which gives me all or nothing so is useless). Unfortunately my piano (cvp701) doesn’t have a mod wheel so I only have the subzero contoller or my yamaha expression pedal - I can use midi learn in Cubase and set their inputs to cc1 but I can’t seem to do this in Dorico.

I’ve tried YouTube searches but can’t find anything on how it coud be done in Dorico. Thanks, Colin

The midi learn thing, I 've done it in the vsti, not in Dorico. So I suppose if your instrument (cinesamples) can handle it, you’ll find that it will work flawlessly too, especially if the expression map is ok :wink:

Yes, unfortunately Dorico doesn’t have a MIDI Learn feature, so you’ll need to find a way to make your controller output the appropriate MIDI CC.