Recording Audio Directly from CPU

Yes, I know this is a newb question, so your patience is appreciated. I’ve done a brief search within this forum and was unable to come up with an answer to my question. However, I wasn’t really sure what to search for either. Anyway…

I’m working on some audio/video projects on the side, and would like to use some audio files that are already in my music library on my computer (so yes, I’ve already paid for them and own them). However, they are protected and the only way I can use them is to burn them on a CD and rip them as mp3’s. Even though CD-Rs are cheap, I think it’s a waste of time (and $$) to do it that way. I’ve also read several forums where you can record the audio files directly from your computer to your audio program (cubase LE, Audacity, etc.), but for some reason I’m completely lost how to do this because I believe my audio configuration might be a little jacked. You see, I had to remove my sound card from my PC because it was conflicting with my Presonus Firestudio drivers and was causing CONSTANT crashing (I believe I went through 2 hard drives before I figured out what the problem was). I’ve had zero issues since I’ve removed the sound card. But now I want to know if there is a way to get an input signal from my audio player (example: iTunes) to my Presonus Firestudio interface in order to “re-record” the audio? Or does it make sense to go 1/8" to 1/4" and go directly into the interface from my mp3 player?

Like I said, it’s probably a simple question and I’m sure I’m just overlooking or misunderstanding something, so any help/explanation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

(I’m sure you really don’t need my gear specs for this…aside from what I mentioned above.)

Have you tried importing the files directly into Cubase???

Hi, if Celtsound’s suggestion doesn’t work, you could try re-recording the tracks using an application such as Freecorder, that just records whatever is passing through your sound card and thus create a version without the dreaded drm tag! I’ve not tried it as I don’t possess any protected files!

Yes, but it errors out because they are protected (m4a) files.

I thought Freecorder was only a browser application used to record audio from websites? I can’t even find the audio I’m wanting to use on a website! (which is weird) I honestly don’t think I’m trying to do anything illegal here since I paid for the songs. Anyway, if y’all have any other ideas I’d be more than happy to check them out as well.

Thanks so much for the quick replies!

In that case I would be getting my hands on a 1/8"- 2 x 1/4" cable and record the output of your mp3 player directly into the Firestudio.

No, normally, Freecorder is an application apart that installs and should be able to record any sound that goes through your sound card. At least, it did when I used to use it! Since then, it seems to have undergone much work and modernisation and is now apparently totally free.

Well, it seems to me, like you might be able to internally route the audio via your Firestudio software.