recording audio directly from midi

Hi Forum,
I’m trying to record an audio track from a midi track ie convert it directly from midi to audio so I can export it. Must be simple enough but I can’t find it in the manual, in any forum, on you tube. How’s it done?
Regards, Barry.

Aloha B,
Try this:

_1-Select the VST’i track(s) and set locators and then

2-Go to ‘Export’.

When there near the bottom there is a field called:
‘Import into Project’.

3-Then tick the ‘Audio Track’ box.

4-Hit ‘Export’._
This will put an audio track of the VST’i(s) on your Project Page.

Good Luck!

Thanks Aloha B, the track was recorded into the project window but had no sound on it. I could hear the midi drums during export, and all tracks were muted except the two drum tracks. Maybe it’s because it’s Cubase 5 I’m using not 6, or is it because the sounds are generated externally through a Roland drum module? I thought you had to assign the midi out to the audio in, or to a new buss or group track or something? Regards, Barry.

Are you saying you want to use the sounds generated by the drum module?

I believe you will need to run audio cables from the drum module to your interface and set up an audio track to record the output. I’m not familiar with your drum module, but I guess there is a chance it could carry audio over USB also.

Hi Barry, I am not sure that I understand correctly, but MIDI is like the score and conductor, and audio is the orchestra making the noise. Meaning, they are not interchangeable, or rather MIDI transmits one thing (not audio) and audio another (not MIDI). :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help guys. I use a Roland R70 drum machine and an Emu Proteus sound module for strings, keyboard etc. played in to the project in Cubase. When I came to mix down a song the audio was there ie vocals, guitars, bass but no midi ie drums or keyboard. When I had Cubase VST in the nineties it was simple enough - just mute all tracks except midi drums and record an audio track and an audio drum track was created. The best you tube clip so far is but it wasn’t fully explained. I hope this makes more sense. Regards, Barry.