Recording audio from another PC?

Maybe a bit odd question, but I am new to this and want to know what options I have. I have NI Kontakt 4
running on a Win7 OS with Tascam US-122 mkII. I want to record audio from this, but I only have Cubase AI5, which is on a second PC, were I have a MOTU microbook interface installed. I also run the output from vst in Kontakt 4 through a Line 6 podxt for amp simulation, effects etc. So, can this audio output (from pod xt) be recorded in Cubase AI5, routed through the microbook interface on the second PC? Or is it a much better way to do it with an Upgrade of Cubase?

Well, as long as you can connect the output of one interface to the input of the 2nd interface, and use the 2nd inteface in Cubase, you should be able to record, what goes into your 2nd interface. More info probably in the interface(s) manual(s). Apart from that you can transfer your Cubase AI e-license to a USB Key, and install Cubase AI on both computers…
Or IIRC you can install Kontakt on two computers (Check the EULA of Kontakt…)

I did try it now, my second interface (microbook) do receive input signals, but it is no output signals (no meters lit in the interface menu). So no input are registered in cubase ofcourse. Anyway I suspect I will have to deal with serious latency :wink: