Recording audio in Cubase 101

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Hoping this is a simple noob audio recording question! Running Cubase Pro 9.0.1 on Win 10, using a MOTU 828x interface via USB2. Been working ITB with no issues, and have now added a Roland TR-09. No problem recording the TR-09 kik signal into an audio track, issue is with latency i think. No issues with direct playback of TR-09 pre-recording, it’s locked in time and bang on to the metronome. However when i record the audio down it’s slightly delayed as per the screenshot below, and sounds later against the metronome. This is using either MIDI from the 828x to the TR-09 or attaching the TR-09 via USB to PC.

Settings in Cubase are as follows…

So I guess my initial question is, is this expected behaviour? If so do people also edit the audio they record so it’s bang on time? Else use the “Track Delay in Ms”?

If this isn’t expected behaviour what am i doing wrong, seems it shouldn’t be that tricky to get audio to record to an accurate time… :slight_smile: PC is newish with SSDs, 32Gb RAM etc, so i don’t see this is a resources issue. And LatencyMon finds no issues…



I’ll bet the delay is the sum of the input and output latency shown in the device setup menu. I typically get this on my drum instrument track after importing from EZD2. I usually manually move the file(s) slightly but, the fastest way to correct it would be to use the track delay function.

Interested to see if others have a suggestion to eliminate this behavior.

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Hi Prock

Thanks for the reply, yep I guess that makes sense. So a possible rule of thumb is to add the latencies together and use this figure with the track delay function. Will test this tomorrow.

Also interested how other folk manage this…

I move things manually as well.
That’s probably because it’s not something I do often, if I were doing so regularly the “Track delay” function looks like the route to go.

with direct monitoring on it is normal that the kick is bang-on track audiowise, but are you using EFX on the inputs before recording the audio ? E.g. multiband compressor and other more heavy fx plugins are taking it’s resources and could delay the signal.
Does using constrain delay compensation make a difference in the recording result ?

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If you add as an External Instrument in vst connections you can specify the negative delay needed to place it in correct time.

I would first run an audio loopback test to make sure your drivers aren’t misreporting latency. If this isn’t spot on you can correct correct using the record shift option in Device Setup. (do a search for audio loopback test…there is a cpr file and instructions available for download)

Then measure the delay on recording from midi and add to the external instrument compensation