Recording audio in cycle mode AI7 >> C7.5.20, comp tool

Hi - I’m thinking of doing some remote laptop recording using the AI7 that came with my UR28M … then taking it to my DAW for editing/mixing/using the comp tool in Cubase 7.5.20. When recording in AI7 I’d like to do something as close to what I do currently within the full version of Cubase at the DAW - record each take on a different lane, with cycle mode activated between the locators.

I looked at the manual for AI7, and didn’t see “cycle mode” or “lanes” written about in that fashion. What would be the best way to get that done, so I could bring over to a single audio track in C7.5.20, activate lanes there, and use the comp tool, etc.?

(Page 100 - “Keep History - Audio Record Mode” seems like the way to go, but not much is there in terms of whether everything would be on one track, and of course not much is there about how to bring it over and use it in C7.5.20).