Recording Audio - intermittent failiure


I’ve been having a great experience with Cubase 6 since moving from PC to Mac, but have just come across a quite annoying problem…

When I’m recording audio in C6 v6.0.3 to a single mono audio track, about one time in ten the audio will no record… it’ll look as if it’s recording but show no waveform in the region. then when I hit stop and realise this has happened, the recorded region will hang for a second or two and then just disappear off of the screen. This seems to happen on cue if I move the pointer over the region or try to click on it.

Anyone come across this? I made a search but couldn’t find anything - like I said I’ve been a happy with C5/6 for so long that I’ve not been roaming the halls of this forum…



Mac 10.6.8, 3.33GHz 6-Core Intel Zeon, Cubase v6.0.3 32bit, RME Fireface 800 at 256 samples.

Are you using the metronome? There’s a bug in 6.03 that can cause this.

Hi - Yes I am using the metronome, with my own .wav ‘pop’ as an audio click…

Is this issue documented here?
Also, with the metronome I noticed that when I toggle the click on (but not off) when playing back, there’s a tiny moment of silence…



Yes, here

Strophoid - sorry for the late reply - many thanks… That’s exactly what’s been happening. I didn’t make the connection with the metronome because i hardly notice I’m switching it on and off!

Thanks again - hope this one gets ironed out in the next build,