Recording Audio into OTHER THAN the project folder

I am wanting to record audio ( in cubase 6.5 ) but want to save it in a different folder to the project folder. I realise I can go into the project folder “after the session” and move it then, remembering to tell the program where I have moved it to !
Just think I should be able to record it straight there in the first place.
The projects are all up and running in midi format, I’m converting the midi tracks to audio and wish to save these audio tracks in a different location thereby keeping my midi projects separate from their audio counterparts.

Penny stuck in the slot? :mrgreen:

Did you mean to save the other posts to a different folder too?

No, just the audio. I’ll then have my original project folder containing only the midi tracks. And also ( hopefully ) another project folder with just the audio files in.

Right click the track you want to record to -> set record folder

That’s fine for audio. I’m in midi ! I want to record audio from the midi track but NOT into the project folder.

Thanks Conman & Thinkingcap, I’ve to go to work now. I’ll log on tomorrow morning to see if either of you have come up with anything. Failing that I’ll have to do it the long way … just thought I could save a hour or so .

cheers… Norman ( Sir )


why don’t you use the “Channel Batch Export” function with “Create new project” ticked for this ?



Are you meaning something like this?:

Thanks Chris, that will do the trick ok. Also my thanks to Bane who pointed me to a very similar post, What a superb forum this is !