Recording: Auto-Create Markers at Pause Points doesn't work

I’ve never needed or wanted to use Wavelab’s Recording features until today - I use Cubase 9 Pro for my DAW (and have been a Cubase user on Mac and/or Windows since the 1980’s…) But today i wanted to record a few clips of different guitars so I could compare the pickups. When I popped up the Recording dialog, I thought “Cool - I can pause in between pickup switch changes and set the ‘Next Marker Name’ to be the name of the pickup position I’m using.” Holy crap, has anyone ever used this? Or, more to the point, has anyone ever tested it? It doesn’t work AT ALL!! For me, it would either not create the markers at all, or create them with names it must have randomly chosen off of the drop-down list (of names I had tried to create before).


To reproduce:

  1. create a track to record onto. Mine was mono 32-bit float, 96khz
  2. click the Record (circle) button at the bottom of the window; a “Recording” dialog pops up
  3. Choose settings:
  • Add to Active Audio File
  • Auto-Create Markers at Pause Points
  • type some name in the Next Marker Name box
  1. Hit “Record” and then after a bit, “Pause”
  2. Type another name in the Next Marker Name box
  3. Hit “Pause” to record the next clip, then “Pause” then done
  4. Repeat #5 and #6 to record some number of clips, with “Next Marker” names
    8 Click “Stop”. The Recording dialog closes and your clips appear in the active audio window - but the markers names are not correct, or maybe markers are not even created. I sometimes end up with markers named 1 and 2, but NOT the names I asked for.

What SHOULD happen:

  • I expected that the Next Marker Name would create a marker at the current location with this name. Think about it. I’m Paused, and going to unpause to record a clip; the Next Marker Name is the place to say “here’s the name of the clip I’m about to record”
  • I expected that I could repeat this process, recording named clips into the Active Audio File until done.

For now, I guess, I’ll go back to NOT using Wavelab’s Record features. At all. Which is too bad, as it seemed perfect for the thing I was trying to do, since I wasn’t trying to make a multi-track recording, ala Cubase; I just wanted to record some clips.

thanks in advance,

– jdm

I confirm your finding, sorry. This feature was not tested for long.
This will need a fix.

Cool. Glad it wasn’t just me, doing it wrong!

This will be a very useful feature when fixed. With the marker naming for the segment about to be recorded, it’s actually easier than Cubase for recording segments.