Recording built-in metronome as track

Hi all.

Need your help, because I tried to find it in forum with no results…

I have Cubase AI 9.0.30.
How can i record metronome which built in programme as audio track?

Problem is: I’m recording guitar with switched on metronome, but in exported file click is missing.


Hi and welcome,

This feature is not available in Cubase Soft. Cubase Artist and Cubase Pro only. The procedure is following.

Martin, thanks.

That’s too bad…

Are there any other ideas how can I recording metronome with guitar?

Mb Cubase has some plugins?

Or there is only one way - put wave files with click in projets?


You can make a simple track by using for example Groove Agent and make your own click/metronome.

Thanks a lot!
Very useful information.

And not so difficult as I thought :slight_smile: