Recording - can't disable audio monitoring out

Hello from a Wavelab newbie

Can anyone explain the following please:
In Wavelab Elements 8 recording dialogue, ‘Mix with playback’ is greyed out - so I cant disable it
In ‘Options’ tab, according to the WE8 documentation, there should be a box ‘Enable Audio Monitoring’ which I would like to disable too. This option box doesnt appear in WE8 - so I cant test it’s function.

I can’t see why this condition appears to be some sort of ‘default’ which I can’t remove.
Is the documentation incorrect for Elements, or is there some other setting which is preventing me seeing or using these disabled functions?

What I am trying to achieve is for Wavelab not to send the audio input back out to the output while I’m recording because this causes direct feedback in certain recording situations (disabling ‘Monitor’ has no effect on audio output).

many thanks

To enable the option, choose an ASIO driver, not a MME driver (menu Options > VST Audio Connections).

Thank you
OK - using an ASIO driver I can select correct recording line input and speaker (to amp.) outputs (using on-board Realtec HD Audio in/out & front/rear options).

When recording eg from tape or tuner when I have seleted ‘Monitor’ I can also deselect ‘Mix with playback’ which appears to have no effect at all on what appears at the (line) output of the PC.

Just selecting ‘Monitor’ alone --apart from showing ‘Level’ or ‘Spectrum’ (as selected)-- immediately mixes the recorded sound with the recording sound (with expected phase difference) to the speakers.

There is still no option ‘Enable audio monitoring’ under ‘Options’ tab - as there should be. It doesnt exist as an option - which is strange, unless Elements is different and the ‘help’ for this is incorrect. Has anybody noticed this? This means I can’t monitor recording’Level’ without recorded signal the appearing at the Output.

Thank you for your help.