recording chords live while playing ?

i rarely use chord track, but one thing i can think of using for me is “quick sketching of chords while the tracks playing”
i cant seem to find a way of doing it
what i mean is lets say i have drums,bass ,rhythm guitar ,and piano tracks.
now i want to record the chord track with playing chords from a keyboard controller as the project plays,
like much an arranger keyboard does, so i don’t have to draw or copy X for each chord in the projects timeline .
maybe even setting a 2 bar loop and try chord (jam) changes on the fly.

Well you could just record the chords onto a midi track and then use that track to generate a chord track (sorry not at the DAW to get exact command names).

I know that function… but its not the same as playing the groove on the fly.
its not that impprtant anyway but could be fun to have it and lay some quick ideas