recording Click track

I want to record the click track produced by the tempo map in a project. I have got the track playing how I want it using the ‘activate midi click’ function in the Metronome options, and can see the click tracks audio being activated in the soft synth (Halion Sonic se) in the vst instruments folder, but cannot see how to record just the click track to a wav file.

I am pretty new to Cubase, and have just got to grips with the midi and tempo editing in Cubase - which is light years ahead of my old DAW Sonar, but am really behind the curve on the Audio side of things at the moment, so I apologise if this is a dumb question, but I am at a bit of a loss at the moment…

Simplest way is to load a drum instrument track and record your own using a cowbell or shaker, or both or several to cover others’ preference of sound.
Save that as a Template and just load at any speed required.

Solo the HALion Sonic SE (making sure that no other track is playing into it other than the metronome), and then go to the File menu>Export Audio mixdown, and Export, using the “Realtime” option.

Thanks Vic - that has done the trick, but it is a bit slow! Is there no ‘bounce to track’ facility in Cubase?

Thanks again, much appreciated.