Recording cuts out

I purchased CI 1 on friday and was trying to get it up and running with Audacity I was able to get everything going
but while recording with a mic the sound will cut out in randomly for about half a second

is this a problem with CI 1?

Confirm that you are using the driver recommended by your hardware manufacturer. Otherwise use the ASIO4ALL driver, which is free at Set it up by navigating to Devices>Device Setup>VST Audio System. At the top you can choose your driver.

You should also raise the latency slider to 2048 samples in your driver’s control panel and see if that helps.

Please run this on your system:
It is safe and free; I have run it on my own computer.

Also check this out for optimizing your Windows: … Optimizing

For Mac:

Other ways:
(Remove CPU hungry VSTi’s
(Change USB ports
(Stop running background tasks
(Use a powered USB hub or connect directly to a computer

If none of this fixes it, most likely it’s time for a new computer.