Recording DI sample rate

I’m comparing my Scarlett 2i2 direct monitor sound to the Cubase track monitor using a Radial J48 and switching 44.1 kHz / 96 kHz. At 96 there’s much more “crispness” and presence, even more than the direct monitor input: this is confusing to me, because it’s reproducing the wave in a more accurate way but cannot understand where this added nuance comes from. Anyway, I was wondering if to start all new projects at 48k/24bit or increase the sample rate. I’m new to this topic, so I’ll appreciate any suggestion. Consider that I’ll probably record my guitar tracks with a J48 as raw DI signal, and maybe a Kemper in parallel, so having the opportunity of reamping, so signal quality matters in my case.
At what sample rate and bit depth are professional studios actually recording?

Addendum: also libraries sound a lot shinier, what a difference…