Recording Dialog: Disappointment

In general, I’m quite pleased with Wavelab 8; it’s snappier, looks better, and the new functions look great though I haven’t had time to dive into them.

Two things however concerning the recording dialog are a step backwards for me and make Wavelab much harder to use (or to trust). I had already a similar problem in WL7, which I hoped would be fixed, but it’s not…

  1. The recording dialog can no longer stay on top of all other programs, as it was in WL7. This was a fantastic feature, since I can see what’s going on in Cubase while at the same time checking levels during recording in Wavelab. BTW, I did try unmarking the option in Preferences, ´Hide top level windows when app not active´, but this makes a big mess. Then the regular metering and all stays on top of Cubase… Please bring this separate recording dialog function back!

  2. Unfortunately there still is no separation of audio being visually monitored in the recording dialog, and the actual audio being output from Wavelab. So - as I mix from Cubase on a digital board - I’m listening to the same mix again through Wavelab’s output: Feedback! Please PG, fix this and separate visual input monitoring from sending audio to the outputs.

BTW, the dialog turning red is not as bad as I expected… Although just the record button turning red (and not blinking) would have been fine too.

  1. This WaveLab 7 function was disabled more or less by mistake. I thing to reenabling it in 8.0.2
  2. I don’t understand what you mean. Please explain again.

Thanks for the quick response.

  1. Great to see it back in 8.0.2!
  2. Let me elaborate on my way of working. I have a Tascam DM3200 digital mixing board, connected with a 32-channel firewire interface to my PC DAW. Channels 1-30 are input/output for Cubase, while 31/32 are used by Wavelab. When mixing from Cubase, I record the mixer’s output (on firewire outputs 31-32) in Wavelab. If from the recording dialog Wavelab repeats the input signal (my current mix on ch 31-32) as output to the board again, this results in a loop. So what I’d like to see is the possibility to visually see what goes on (when not recording yet) without Wavelab sending audio to its outputs.

Here´s the issue as I described it in the WL7 forum: Link

Then if I follow you correctly, there is a solution, as WaveLab 8 allows you to choose the audio Monitor outputs, and there is the “Unused” choice… see:

Yes, you are right. That fixes it, thanks! And BTW, this may be another fine new function that could prove useful in a different setup…

Well, I was excited to see this working again, but I’m sorry to say it is half back from how it was in WL7…

In WL7, the recording window stayed on top of everything else and could be used (reset meters, for instance). While clicking controls in this window, it still would be the single window on top.

In WL8.02 unfortunately, the window does stay on top, but clicking anything on it will bring Wavelab back into view - exactly what I don’t want, since I’m trying to see and control Cubase while setting the recording in WL up…

Hopefully it’s just a minor issue, easily solved for 8.03… (And BTW, the ‘Hide top level windows when the application is not active’ button is checked)

What about this option:

Yep, that’s much better already, but still does not function as in WL7… Now I get a smaller window than before, without all standard options. This sure is workable, though I still wonder why such functionality should change between versions.

Hi, how can you do this in Wavelab Elements 8? The is no tab for monitor output. All i can choose is playback and record, so I get huge feedback every time I try to monitor a recording. The only way I can see around this is to disable the playback outputs when I want to monitor, which is a PITA, or just not monitor which is an even bigger PITA

There is an option in the recording dialogue to “stop playback when monitoring or recording” but that doesn’t seem to stop the issue either.

I’m stumped :frowning:

I get huge feedback every time I try to monitor a recording.

Why feedback? What’s your audio path?

It is similar to Arjan P’s setup as described above.

In this case, WaveLab Elements has not the same flexibility as WaveLab as.