Recording different inputs to separate tracks

I just got a Steinberg UR-44 USB Audio Interface so I can take 3 separate audio streams and record a multi-track session. I have installed the right driver from Steinberg, and on their proprietary software I can see the audio from the 3 channels. I would very much prefer to use Audition to record and then later edit the audio, but it appears that Audition cannot see the 3 separate channels and basically is recording the same audio stream on every channel in a multi track recording session.

How do I map the Steinberg channels to separate tracks in Audition?

this is the wrong thread, this thread is about VST Connect. Check menu studio/audio connections (or devices/vst connections in earlier versions) and assign hardware i/o there. read manual.

Split into its own thread. If you’re unsure if what you’re asking is on-topic, please just make a new thread.