Recording digital piano into Cubase 5

I am brand new to Cubase. I have a Casio CDP-100 digital piano with built-in speakers. It is midi capable and has a small headphone jack, which I hope is capable to function as an audio output.

Can someone please walk me through the basic, one-by-one steps on how to record pieces I play on this keyboard into Cubase and export to mp3?

Also, how can I setup the keyboard as a midi controller to be able to play it using the sounds available in Cubase, then out of my computer in my big speakers through the headphone jack on my computer?

I would greatly appreciate the help! Thanks.


There is a very good guide on setting cubase up in the getting started manual.

It sounds like you don’t have an external ASIO soundcard, this will make things more problematic for you.

I also don’t see any proper outs on the CDP-100 so you will need a 1/4 inch stereo jack to 3.5mm stereo jack lead to plug the audio out into your computer line in.

You will also need a 3.5mm jack (computer line out/headphone jack) to whatever connections your “Big” speakers use.

You will also probably not have any midi on the computer so would need to get a midi interface.

Your best bet it to research a proper external (ASIO)soundcard with midi and use that.

Recording midi is as easy as connecting your piano’s midi out to a midi in on your PC (this could be an external MIDI interface but there are also midi-to-usb cables you can use.). create a midi track in cubase and select the correct input and you’re good to go.
To pick a sound you wish to be played by the midi track, go to devices–> vst instruments and add the instrument you want. Set that as the output of your midi track.

As for recording audio, that completely depends on the available inputs on your soundcard. Recording a headphone output is not ideal but certainly possible.