Recording distorted guitar sounds like static

Hello all, I’m fairly new to recording and I’m trying to pinpoint what’s wrong with my setup. Currently it’s as such:

Gibson SG > Noise Gate > Compressor > Boss Blues Driver > Dream Amp Sim > Steinberg UR22 > FL Studio (clean track no EQ)

My problem is that any time I try to add any distortion into the system it just sounds like crackly static. Like the distortion is an overly prominent clipping sound. I’m watching my levels and I know I’m not peaking the audio interface, but maybe something else? I also feel like the signal itself has too much high end, and it makes me wonder if I need a DI box to roll off the high end? But I thought the Dream Amp Sim was supposed to do that. Either way, when I play through an amp or cabinet it sounds good. I only notice it when I’m trying to record through DI at home. I feel like there’s some obvious solution I’m missing. Am I just not dialed in right? Any help would be appreciated. Thank ya.

A DI box makes an unbalanced signal a balanced one and matches the impedance of the guitar out to the preamp in.
The DI inputs on many audio interfaces do the impedance matching only.
Ideally, a DI input doesn’t change the tone of the instrument.

So not a DI box. I’ve been messing around with my setup and I can’t get anything good out of the distorted guitar. It sounds like any time the signal starts to break up there’s an overlying fuzzy, crackling, static that overwhelms the tone. It doesn’t matter what pedal set up I use, which makes me think that there’s something in the UR22 that is picking up on this. Are there settings that I can look at changing that might help?

Well, it is not clear where the problem could come from.
Very vague description.
Where do you add the distortion sound?
Maybe you can send a recording, just some seconds.

I add the distortion sound with a pedal. If I turn the gain all the way down and play a clean signal it’s okay, if not a little pitchy, like the highs need to be rolled off. As I turn up the gain and the signal starts breaking up the crackling becomes very prominent.

Won’t let me include a link on my post for you to listen to a sample and I don’t see a way to send you a personal message. There a good way to send you a link?

You need to read some more posts to get more privileges on the forum.
Then you can drag’n drop audio files on the post editor to add them here.
No linking needed.