Recording does not transfer to second song

Again, new to VST live - so could be user error.

Set song 1 off recording, with end song action to continue to song 2

Continues on song 2, but in play rather than record mode.

That is correct. Transport stops Songs 1, and stop turns off recording mode.
We have added a feature (soon) to record the main output regardless of what you do (and regardless of transport) if that’s what you want.

That feature would be helpful, however, what I’d like to achieve is to be able to record a whole setlist, without having to manually activate the record button at the start of each song.

That’s what it does. Whenever you hit that Button it will create a new audio file and record the main output, regardless of transport or anything else until you disable it or end the app. So you can either just record the whole show, or start it for each section, or each Song etc.

Thank you.

I’d like the ability to record each audio input, plus each midi input too - without reactivating the record button manually. It could be by having and end song action of start and record next song.

Got it, great idea.

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