Recording Dropouts

I’ve never had recording dropouts before. I regularly record 24 tracks at once. Since the update Nuendo’s recording performance has got worse.

I arm all the tracks, start the the recording and the cursor stops after 1 second and Nuendo crashes. Could there be a problem with the way Nuendo is addressing RAM/the hard drive?

As far as I know, no changes in that area.
You mean you still can record 24 tracks in N8.x and not anymore in 8.3, both configurted exactly the same?


Hey Fredo.

Ok, my template has virtually been the same for these live projects since N8 was released. All eq, compression, FX and cue routing (16 outs - 6 stereo busses/4 mono busses) is done in Nuendo in realtime at 128 samples of latency. It’s an intensive setup, but Nuendo handles it seamlessly.

When the 64bit option came along I noticed the odd processing spike and the odd recording dropout. But since the the last update it’s got so much worse. So, something in the latest updates is taxing the overall system much more with 64bit enabled.

As soon as I disabled 64bit everything, thankfully, went back to normal. Yay!!! So, the solution is to track, programme, etc at 32bit and then mix at 64bit.

I did, however, spend an entire day swapping drives, re-installing N7 and N8, changing graphics cards, removing RAM, testing… Nuendo has always been so solid that I thought it had to be me!! I’m just glad I figured it out and have got back to recording normally without nearly having a heart attack every few minutes! :slight_smile: