Recording drums for album

Hi guys,

Im recording a drum kit for an album.

Is there a way I can get a template for the kit so that it shows kick, snare, toms, oheads etc so I dont need to create tracks then add inputs/ outputs etc? I cant use "Save as "

Also are there any good articles or film clips that give hints, tips or tutorials??

Using Pro 8.5



Create a project that’s set out exactly the way you want and then save it as a template… Also try hitting the manual.

Some excellent ideas for recording live drums here…

Like I said I cant use a template and save as, as i have made a folder for each track with a guide track within that folder.
And I have googled it. first thing I did.

Why can’t you use a template? I quite often create my own…

I want to put each track within its own folder. I have googled a lot about saving tracks. I might be mistaken, but in order to save each track within its own folder, you have to create the folder first. Im new to cubase and am getting my head around the cubase ‘way’. Each song has been created within its own folder. My question was about importing 6/7/8 tracks that have previously been routed and named to an existing project.

OK so i can see it’s a conceptual issue you’re struggling with here…
When you say ‘each track’ are you referring to each entire project or individual tracks, i.e. snare/kick/hats etc just to clarify we’re talking about the same thing here…

Sorry. yes. Each project within its own folder.
Import snare/kick/hats etc into each project.

Ok so as i suggested create a TEMPLATE which is set up with your kit routings, Save this template as A TEMPLATE. Then create a new project for your first song, upon hitting the ‘save’ button you will be prompted to specify a location in which you wish to save your new project… HINT: DO NOT save them all in the same folder as further on down the line when you come to do some ‘housekeeping’ you are likely to run into all kinds of issues with missing files, duplicated file names etc etc…
This method works, i use it day in/day out and recently helped a friend out who was struggling with mixing a drum kit for various reasons, i also used Slate Trigger 2 for augmentation on certain kit pieces, the settings for which were also contained within the template… he’s really happy with the results and is now using it as a ‘baseline’ for his album.

Thanks for the reply.
Due to the fact that I have already created 13 project folders as I have a guide guitar and vocal track within each project folder, if I understand you correctly, I can save the drum “template” to each of the project location.?
I have encountered the same issues as your friend. This prompted me to start each project within its own folder.

Unfortunately you need to start teh project with the template if you wish to use it all the way through…
You can then use the same template for each project, it’s a template so when you come to save it as a PROJECT it won’t affect the template unless you overwrite it by ‘save as’ template if you follow? Spend some time to fully understand the difference between ‘templates’ and ‘projects’ and how Cubase stores data for each project, you’ll have a MUCH better grasp of what you’re trying to achieve.
i’d suggest following my method and then either export the audio tracks you have already and import them into your new projects… bit of a ball ache initially but once you have you’ll be ‘boots and braces’!
you will only need one template for all the projects if they’re all of the same format…

TBH i think you would be better off, rather than rushing into, this creating a few dummy projects and mess with them so you can make mistakes and understand the mistakes and how to rectify/avoid them… less haste more speed! :wink:
you’re not the only one who’s found that out the hard way… the first two projects i ever did on a DAW (cakewalk back in about 1998) i royally messed up and spent days figuring it all out… very often we learn by our mistakes… well some of us do :wink:

You can copy audio tracks from one project to another with copy/paste commands.
For this to work, you have to have some events on the source tracks (just draw some empty ones with pencil).
Select these events, then do CTRL-C, then switch to your other project and do CTRL-V to paste.
New tracks will then be created with same inputs and insert plugins as your source tracks.
Get rid of the dummy events you drew and you’re good to go!
It won’t copy groups, however. Just audio tracks.
You’ll probably have top set the output destination for each track, as this is not always copied across (there’s more chance of this working if the output groups in question already existed in the target project when you did the paste).

So make yourself another project with just the drum tracks in it, then copy/paste them as required into your other projects. Not perfect, but better than doing the whole bloody lot manually (times 13)

Good idea OldFecker…
It might be an idea actually, if the OP were to do a few projects using BOTH methods actually, as he says he’s new to Cubase it would be a really good way of familiarising himself with those operations via repetition in a fairly short space of time and learn ‘more than one way to skin a cat’ in the process.

As You are using Cubase Pro 8.5 I would suggest You take a look at:
File / Import / Tracks From Project

This has saved me a lot of time lately.

Yes, exactly - importing ‘tracks from project’ can help. If you have tracks running into group channels already you can go to File > Export > Selected Tracks and then in another project use File > Import > Track Archive. Be aware that neither of the methods keeps your input routings.

In VST connections you can save input/output configs though and reload them in other projects. Still doesn’t keep you from reconnecting the channels correctly.

Tip: create your input busses (to be saved as template in VST connections) in the order of your tracks. Select all tracks in the mixer, hold Shift and connect the first channel to its input. The other selected tracks will automatically be connected in ascending order.

Wow. Thats great. Ill try that!