Recording effects changes on the fly

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently moved back to Cubase from Logic (running on a Mac Pro) - absolutely delighted so far, everything is working so much more smoothly than my experience with Logic!

I’m hoping someone can help with a quick effects-related question though.

When we are doing extended writing/jamming sessions, we record the whole lot in Cubase (and then go through what we’ve done to fish out the best ideas and start turning them into songs).

Often we need to either change effects or change settings within effects, on the fly while jamming. For example, the singer might decide to use a different Guitar Rig vocal effect (i.e. staying within Guitar Rig, but choosing a different preset effect), or the guitarist might decide to add a completely new effect - let’s say add compression in one of the effects slots - while we are jamming.

Is there any way Cubase can capture changes within effects, or even the addition of new effects slots, while actually recording?

I’d love some advice on this - I haven’t had much luck so far.

Cheers and thanks!

I don’t know about new effects, but you can set up the channel to write automation (the ‘w’ on the channel). This should capture setting changes from the effect.

To playback this automation, channel read automation (the ‘R’ on the channel) has to be activated.

Thanks heaps!

I have used automation for recording fades and other effect changes, hadn’t thought of using it in this context. Perfect!

Thanks again,