recording electric guitar and vocals at the same time

Hey all

I would like to know the best way of recording electric guitar and vocals at the same time. I post youtube clips and I have done so with acoustic and vocals but never with electric. I have only have one mic at the moment. Would I need two? Is there no great way of doing this? Also would I use the guitar amp or would I plug directly into the audio interface? I understand that if I use amp that would be picked up by the vocal mic. My version of cubase is AI 9.5.


Hi and welcome,

If your Audio Device has an Hi-Z (Instrument) input, you can plug your Guitar directly to this input and enable Hi-Z.

Then plug your mic to the other input. In Cubase add 2 Input busses (in VST Connections or Audio Connections in Cubase 10). Add 2 Audio Mono tracks with 2 different inputs, and you can start to record.

Please, watch a Quick Start video tutorials on the official Steinberg YouTube channel.