Recording external instruments and MIDI data simultaneously

Hello, sorry for such a basic question, but I’ve looked quite a bit and can only get so far.

I have both a DAW and several racks of Eurorack modules. I would like to record both MIDI and audio simultaneously. I can define external instruments to send, record, and playback MIDI data to the modules, but I cannot figure out how to route or add a bus to create audio samples.

Thank you, Theodore Donta

Cubase 12 Pro; Komplete Kontrol and Maschine controllers; Steinburg UR816C audio interface; MOTU MIDI Express 128 for MIDI routing; Intel Core i9-10900KF; 64 GB RAM; 3, 1TB SSD drives; Windows 10 Pro


Do you want to record an audio of hardware synth? What is the use case, please? Why do you want to record them simultaneously?

Hello and thank you for the prompt response.

Perhaps simultaneously is not necessary. Is it possible?

Scenario 1: I have many multitrack MIDI files to trigger my different Eurorack modules. I would like to record the multitrack audio. I would also like to do that in real time, so that I can interact with the Eurorack hardware during recording, ie, change filter or modulation settings.

2: I have defined external instruments for MIDI. Can I define an instrument that has both MIDI and audio?

Regards, Ted


Add an Audio track, select the input and enable record.

Hello Martin, thanks again.
I was trying to find a way to define an external MIDI instrument with the Audio channel. This way I can just call up the instrument and audio. Is this possible?

Also, how do I make all my UR816C audio inputs active in the studio setup? Most of them are inactive, so I cannot choose them to use for my audio track input.

thanks again, - Ted Donta


You can do so in the Studio > Audio Connections > External Instrument. But this is for different use case. In your case, I would recommend to use pure MIDI tracks and an Audio track(s).

Set the Inputs in the Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs. The input becomes active, once you use the input in the project.