Recording external synth (roland boutique) into cubase 6.0?

I have a really newbie question here. So I’ve been working with my JX-03, a Roland Boutique, in cubase 6 so far. The way that I’ve been doing it is to connect the boutique to the computer via usb and then set the boutique as my audio interface (this is the way that Roland says you’re supposed to do it). I’ve got some midi controllers as well that I use to send midi info to the boutique.

Then I create two tracks, an audio track and a midi track. The midi track just records the midi data that I’m sending to the boutique, including any cc data I’m sending. The audio track records the audio data coming out of boutique, and this is where I’m doing all my eq/effects/etc. When I bounce down the track, I’m muting the midi track and just using the audio that was recorded.

This seems to be the best/only way to do it and I just wanted to make sure this is what everybody else was doing? If there’s a better way to record a boutique into a cubase and not use two different tracks (one for midi, one for audio) then I’d love to hear it!

As a reminder, I’m using Cubase 6.0, so I might not have all the options that everybody uses in later versions of cubase.