recording flex into daw

can I record the note information from the flex Praser into my daw as midi ?
thanks guys

Unfortunately not, at least not at this time. I started a feature request asking for this function a couple months back. The original thread can be found here.

Perhaps this can become an option if more people request it. Thanks for chiming in on this topic. It would be nice to be able to dump the arp data to edit and quantize at free will wouldn’t it?

yes it sure would, thanks for the get back…
I’ve only started using Halion, using the synth engine more so …
tonight I was layering several synths in one program
& key switching between them in a complextro styley … great fun indeed!
Am using the AU Plug version inside of live, there is no VST version available
not too sure why, can you tell me what
is the difference between the plug formats AU/VST ? Im sure there is a difference but Im
not too sure what it is, superior routing with VST maybe?
cant wait to start dropping samples into Halion