Recording flexphrase as midi

I got the instructions how to record a midi flexphrase in HALion 5, but the midi flexphrase in Cubase 6.5 doesn’t sound the same as i played it in HALion5 ?
How i did it:
HALion VSti as Vst instrument in Cubase (multi-timbral)
HALion 5…recording midi flexphrase

  • start playing Cubase (host)
  • flexphraser arpeggiator on and record button on from flexphraser
  • play some chords of phrase on triggerpads in HAlion5
  • stop play cubase + stop recording on in flexphrase
  • drag midi from flexphraser in HALion 5 to Cubase track

Well this midi (chords recorded from the flexphraser) in Cubase sounds not the same a play the chords on the triggerpads in HALion5…a loss of ququality what is not acceptable i think.
How to get the same midi flexphrase in HALion as in Cubase ?

Note: the recording button in the flexphraser is recording the midi output of the flexphraser and in Cubase it looks like 5 note chords broken, BUT on the triggerpad i hold the 5note chord and this is a block chord and is different from the midi output 5 note broken chord of the flexphraser.
That’s why the midi flexphrase in Cubase sounds different… the only thing you can do than is chance in Cubase the broken 5 note chords into 5 note block chords ?

Yes this seems to be working …i corrected the recorded midi output broken chord C -chord into a block chord
Another possibility is than to record the chord directly in Cubase, but for example a guitar like 12 string auto strum 1 to 3 it is tricky to do the chord fingering … or not?

The question comes up: why should i use the midi output of the flexphraser ?
How to get blockchords from the midi output of the flexphraser ?
I chanced the restart mode option in the flexphraser in “new chord” and it seems that i now get the same chord sound in Cubase ( although the midi output shows broken chords )
Correcting the midi output from the flexphraser in Cubase is not workable …better is than to record directly in Cubase the chords.
But recording midi output from the flexphraser with the restart mode set on new chord is better than, because i can use this midi phrase somewhere in another composer.