Recording freezed/lags/glitches

Hi there!

Help me please with the problem who can:

During recording the cubase starts lagging/freezing, it starts with delay and stops recording a moment later after I press “stop”.

Maybe this is because Cubase starts generating thumbnail cache, but it takes veeeery long time to complete the procedure cause I’m importing the film, which lasts more than one hour. And the worst thing if I close the project and open it again, it starts this process from the start :rage: I don’t have 10 hours to wait


PS There’s no plugins on audiotrack or stereo out. I’m checking this on an empty project
PSPS It happens not only during recording, but during payback…
PSPSPS uncheking “show thumbnail” won’t work…

Thanks in advance

Please set the processing precision to 32-bit.
Maybe that will help.

Thanks for reply.
Unfortunately it didn’t help =(

I wonder why this happens on your machine. I use Cubase Pro 12.0.40 on Win10. The thumbnail file gets saved in the project’s Image subfolder. Cubase will not start to create the thumbnails a second time if I load the project again.

I have a two hours film and it will take like several hours to create that thumbnail…
Will Cubase start creating Thumbnail again if you close and open the project?

Nope. Once it is done, it is done.
Also, on your initial screenshot there were 127k of thumbnails to be created. I used a video with 55k and it took less than 5 minutes. I don’t want to rule out that the time for creating thumbnails not only depends on the length of the video but also its resolution. I only work with compressed video files, not with big raw data ones.

I just mention this in case the thumbnail creation is the cause for the audio glitches.

Maybe you need to increase the cache size in the Preferences?

Increased to 128Mb…
Here’s what I’m talking about (without sound unfortunatelly): Steinberg Cubase 2022.10.26 - - Google Drive

Thumbnail creation was halted in your video clip. Any chance to let Cubase finish that task to see if it makes any difference in playback?

Other than that your system load indicator was already half way up. Maybe there is some ‘freaky’ Windows taks, service, etc. working in the background, blocking the CPU every now and then?

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This thumbnail generation goes in a “glitched” way, it doesn’t stop. I thought maybe “Antimalware Service Executable” process was to blame. It’s Windows Defender. Turned it off, didn’t work :frowning:

If I interpret correctly from your video linked above, you are using a video with x265 codec. Is that correct?