Recording from buses in artist 9

Hi i have just bought artist 9 is it possible in version 9 to record buses in realtime?. i have a feeling il have to upgrade i think this is a basic feature that should even be in elements

The naming conventions in Cubase is a bit off.
Busses in Cubase are just hardware inputs and outputs.

So guess you talk about group channels, as Cubase call it - can be used for fx sends or sum a mix of tracks.

You just from a normal audio track select a group channel/bus as input - this way you record in realtime if you want.

So there is no problem to route a track to a group channel/bus and another track record from that bus.
Saw nothing in manual [Cubase Pro only] over this, so will be there for Artist as well.

I don’t think Elements can do this, at least looking in v8 manual that I had.

Regardless of what the manual may infer, this is a pro only feature I’m afraid.

Thanks for correcting my assumption.