Recording from Groove Agent SE

I would like to record using the pads, with recording set on merge. I have tried a couple of ways of getting this, but have not gotten it to record (in a Cubase track that is). First I opened GA via project - new track - Instrument. I got the GA track, set it to record, went into GA, chose a drum kit and got ready to start recording kicks by hitting that pad. Set up on transporter for merge and quantize. Hit record on transporter. I hear the kicks when I hit the pad, but it does not record.
I then tried via ALT choosing GA that way - and it shows up now with VST and other tracklets beside it. AGain record on track, record on transporter. AGain no recording. I then noticed that if I set the track up this way the fader is all the way down. Raised it. Same problem.

What should I do instead?


The plug-in doesn’t send the MIDI data to the MIDI track. It sends data just to itself, to generate the sound. This is not a MIDI controller. This is the reason.

You have to use hardware MIDI controller or the Virtual Keyboard of Cubase, to record the data to the track.

I was afraid you’d say that, but thanks. For some reason my Yamaha only works sometimes - as far as getting midi notes to appear in cubase. I’ll use the Virtual Keyboard.

You can actually record the pad events by selecting the GASE Out in the MIDI input of the Instrument track. Not sure that is any use though for what you want to do.

Perfect! Easy to do and worked first time. Thanks