Recording from inter app track

I have followed the inter app movie tutorial using the monologue as an example. When I have created the midi track to control the monologue how then do I record the monologue output into an audio track for mixdown? If I set up an audio track and press record, audio from the ipad mic is recorded.

  • Create a MIDI track in Cubasis
  • Open the instrument browser to the left and expand the IAA-category
  • Choose Nanologue
  • Use the IAA icons to switch between Cubasis / Nanologue (e.g. choose a preset etc.)*
  • Open the keyboard in Cubasis
  • Start recording…
  • Pull down the IAA tab in Nanologue to make its controls become visible

Please have a look at Cubasis’ In-App Help (Accessories/Inter-App Audio) for more details.

Thanks for your reply. I was trying to turn the nanologue into an audio track so that I could close down the nanologue app or even use it again for another track. I found this work around.

How to turn an inter app midi track into an audio track (using nanologue as an example)

  • Set up an inter app connection as you describe
  • Play the cubasis keyboard to record the nanologue part as MIDI
  • Freeze the track, this creates an audio track of the nanologue
  • Delete the MIDI track. This will disconnect the nanologue from inter app
  • You can then create another midi track using the nanologue and a fresh inter app connection
  • Repeat if you want to add more nanologue tracks

    Tip: I have found that on older iPads 2 and 3 it might be necessary to close any apps running in the background if you encounter any performance issues.

Paul M

Hi Paul,

thanks for the additions.

Please note that IAA has some limitations and pitfalls to be considered.

We have covered these more in-depth in the In-App help of Cubasis (Accessories/Inter-App Audio/Limitations of Inter-App Audio routing).