Recording from mic in stereo-one channel louder than other

I’m recording a guitar in stereo with an USB condenser mic (samson Co1). When I see the wave of my recording, left channel is noticeably louder than right… Any idea on why?
I switched the channels (2,1 instead of 1,2) via VST connections- Inputs (F4), and now the right channel is noticeably louder than right.
Should I assume that the problem is with my mic?

Thanks in advance


The Samson C01 is a mono LDC USB microphone, how on earth can you get a stereo signal from that ?
Are you recording straight to a stereo track, without any plugins in the input path ?
What are you using for playback, are you using asio4all to integrate your USB mic. ?

LDC USB microphone? that means I shouldn’t be able to record in stereo?
Yes, straight to a stereo track (see snip attached)
Yes, Asioforall


LDC stands for Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone. And yes - It’s a mono microphone. It is surprising you can even get any signal on the second (right) channel. It’s probably because you are using ASIO4ALL. This is not really an ASIO driver, but a wrap-aroud for the standard windows drivers (and can add some weird things like “environmental effects” stuff). Make sure you do not use any effects settings in ASIO4ALL and record the signal as clean as possible.

As the microphone is a mono microphone, you have to record on a mono track. Later on you can use effects (or duplicate) to create a stereo track from that mono track if you really want to. Keep in mind that you can pan a mono track everywhere in the stereo image, so it’s not really needed to create a stereo track.