Recording from YouTube

Have just installed WaveLab Elements 9 on iMac running El Capitan 10.11.4
When I try to record from Internet radio or YouTube, the recording level cycles up and down and the resulting wav file is unusable. Frequency also treble-loaded and sound distorted
Help please. Thanks.

I’m not sure why you’d want to record audio from YouTube because it almost always sounds bad, but it seems that your issue is a routing or settings issue, however you don’t provide enough info about your settings and workflow to help.

For capturing audio from Safari or other apps, I suggest these 3rd party tools:

There are plenty of decent recordings on YouTube as well; but it’s better to download them directly using one of the many browser add-ins that can do that for you (some can download the audio alone, as well as the complete video file).


Thanks for advice. I run an amateur choir and it helps people learn their parts to have recordings and YouTube is a great source.
I’m just a bit frustrated in that, with Wavelab 2.0 running on my old PC with XP, I could record easily things like YouTube, with good sound quality, whereas. with my new Mac, this seems more difficult.
Settings konnte Mac are:
Output - Internal speakers (built-in)
Input - Internal microphone (built-in)
VST audio connection in Wavelab:
Recording and Playback both set to Ch.1 Built in audio 1, Ch.2 Built-in audio 2

Microsoft and many hardware manufacturers made it more difficult to do after Win XP. To help protect artist royalties.
It sounds like you’re recording from computer speaker to microphone, so it would probably be much better quality to use one of the tools Justin or Paul suggested.

Thanks everybody.
I’ve just installed Amoeba Audio Highjack and successfully recorded a file from one of my own websites in wav format, which I can then edit in WaveLab. Now need to experiment a bit to get the best out of it.

Audacity is good for this too - there is a Mac version.