Recording GA5 MIDI output in play mode does not match agent settings

For example, I load the Acoustic Agent “Smooth Affection” preset, and select the “Intro 4” pattern.

I like the intro, but I want to remove the crashes, so I do that on the agent. It sounds correct when I play it back.

To record, I set the Groove Agent 5 track MIDI-in to that kit, then enable follow transport.
When I arm the track and record, however, the recorded MIDI output includes the crashes, even though I don’t hear them during the initial recording. This is also the case when I drag the pad to the track.

In addition, I can’t find the MIDI events for the crashes in the drum roll. In GA5, if I convert the style into a MIDI pattern, I also can’t find the crashes. Again, when I play it here, I don’t hear the crashes, but if I export the MIDI, I still have some phantom clown playing the cymbals.

Any idea what I’m missing?

Answering my own question in case anyone runs across this: The pattern MIDI channel is set by default to the same channel as the instrument MIDI, so patterns were briefly being triggered by the events in the recorded MIDI. The crashes were contained in the MIDI pattern being triggered.

You can change the pattern MIDI channel at the bottom of the pattern panel.

I can see why someone decided to make this the default, but it confused me for years and prevented me from ever using Groove Agent patterns. If this was my product, I’d look into disabling pattern MIDI-in by default, and adding a conspicuous button for enabling the pattern MIDI-in, with a popover for selecting a channel.