recording groove agent sounds to audio, what input gain?

hi Folks,
I am routing Groove agent SE4 drum pattern into Cubase 8 Pro so I can record each individual sound to separate audio tracks to be able to record them as audio.
When I set all the GA pads to their default volumes on the edit page for each pad in GA, they come out at around 0db in Cubase (not clipping but hot).

My question is, is it Ok to record each Cubase track (fed by GA) at this level or is it advisable to either reduce the output of each GA pad or alternatively reduce the inpute level in Cubase using the faders?
The reason I ask is that when i am recording live instruments in Cubase (vocals, guitars etc) I always aim to record to around -18db giving me some healthy headroom for adding plugins etc.

Is it ok to just record at close to 0db then just reduce the gain on the individual audio drum tracks after having recorded them to bring them down to around -18db or if recording at that level is the audio recording too hot and therefore already degraded or less than idea?
any advice is much appreciated
many thanks

In general, technically it is ok to record that hot.