Recording Groups Level


Im printing some external effects as inserts on groups channels. My new audio channels inputs = group outputs. All ok here.

Record, then, mute groups and use this new channels as “printed” group channels. 0dB fader on new channels.

The new printed channels level are different compared to groups outputs. Im my case around 3 to 10dB.

Im missing something ? I cant find in manual if the recorded signal from groups are different for any reason.


Example in next post

In monitoring leves are OK

-3dB if I play on recorded files !!

Is this a possible bug ???


If you are exporting via the mix bus then the master fader level is used, do you have the master fader down 3dB?
Or have you checked the mono mixdown button in the export dialog, that will pull the level down 3dB.

Standard behavior due to pan law and signal flow inside Cubase.

Say that you have a signal peaking at 0 dB going into the panner on your mono group track.
Because you send the group track to a stereo output, the pan law applies and the signal is lowered to the -3 dB shown on your meter (if set to post panner). Pan the group track either hard left or right and you’ll see that the signal goes up to 0 dB again.

Only the left channel is used when a mono group track that is sent to a stereo output is used as a source for recording. Either pan the group hard left or set the output to “no output” to eliminate this source of confusion.

Ok, say that you now are recording this signal onto a new track, you are monitoring the signal and it’s peaking at 0 dB and the meter is showing this correctly.
Great, because when you stop recording and switch the monitoring off a second pan law -3 dB drop will take place (if this audio track is sent to a stereo output), if this drop would show on the meters while monitoring then you’d risk clipping the signal by these 3 dBs if unlucky.

Now, since you recorded this mono signal onto a stereo track, the pan law drop will be applied but not the corresponding increase when panning. Record the same signal onto a mono track and notice how the signal level goes from -3 dB at center pan to 0 dB at hard L/R on the mono track while staying at -3 dB on the stereo track.

Play around with the pan law and switch the metering between input, pre or post panner to get a feeling for this.


Thats was my problem. In other cases I have group panned 30/right , and recorded signal in channel is about -10dB.
I need to hard pan left mono groups before print this signal on channels.